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Launched in November 2021, Little Green Basket has swiftly emerged as a prominent online destination for vegan snacks, treats, and plant-based gifting.

Leveraging the power and flexibility of Shopify, Little Green Agency needed a holistic approach encompassing everything from SEO to theme customisation to support Little Green Basket’s growth goals.

This case study sheds light on how our agency, Little Green Agency, played a pivotal role in bolstering the growth of our client, Little Green Basket.

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Client Background: Little Green Basket

Little Green Basket was founded with a passion for promoting plant-based living and offering a delightful range of vegan snacks, treats, and gifting options. Within a short span, it has established itself as a go-to destination, catering to the burgeoning demand for vegan products among health-conscious and ethically-minded consumers.


While Little Green Basket had a vision, they didn’t have the skills in-house to produce the solid digital platform required to meet customer expectations. This prompted the collaboration between Little Green Basket and Little Green Agency to elevate the user experience and streamline the online shopping journey.


Little Green Agency embarked on a comprehensive strategy that encompassed both aesthetic and functional aspects to the Little Green Basket’s store website. The chosen platform, Shopify, served as a foundation for this project.

1. Planning and Goal Setting

The process began with an in-depth consultation between Little Green Basket’s team and Little Green Agency’s expert team. This provided a full understanding of the brand’s values, target audience, and long-term goals. A roadmap was crafted, outlining the key milestones, tasks, and timelines for the project.

2. Design Enhancement

Recognising the importance of visual appeal in eCommerce, Little Green Agency developed some new design guidelines from scratch. Collaborating closely with Little Green Basket’s owners, they developed a refreshed aesthetic that mirrored the brand’s commitment to eco-friendliness, health, and deliciousness.

The new design not only strengthened the established brand feel but also reflected a positive and friendly vibe to help resonate with the brand’s customer base.

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3. Theme Customisation

One of the pivotal decisions was to leverage Shopify’s versatile theme customisation options. Little Green Agency handpicked the Flow theme by design studio Eight.

The theme was customised to align seamlessly with Little Green Basket’s brand identity. Custom coding using the Liquid language was employed to tailor various aspects of the website, such as the estimated delivery dates on each product landing page.

4. Integration of eCommerce Tools

To enhance the overall user experience, Little Green Agency integrated various ecommerce tools and Shopify apps into the website. These included advanced age verification, schema markup, product filters, inventory management, reviews, and cookie consent. Some of the plugins used include:

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5. Content Optimisation

We recognised the significance of high-quality content in driving organic traffic and engagement. A content strategy was devised to regularly publish insightful blog posts, and guides related to vegan living, as well as collecting product reviews.

This approach not only solidified Little Green Basket’s position as an authority in the niche but also attracted potential customers searching for relevant information.

6. Ongoing Management

Post-launch, the collaboration between Little Green Agency and Little Green Basket hasn’t stopped. A day-to-day management strategy was put in place to ensure the website’s continuous performance and the smooth fulfilment of email communications.

Regular updates and performance optimisations were also planned-in to guarantee a seamless shopping experience for their users.

Additional ongoing marketing services are also in place ranging from SEO to grow organic traffic, and PPC to drive direct traffic and revenue.


The collaborative efforts between Little Green Basket and Little Green Agency bore fruit in numerous ways:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new website design and intuitive navigation contributed to good ‘average time spent on the site’ numbers and low bounce rate right from launch.
  • Strong Conversion Rates: The simple checkout process and effective call-to-actions provided strong conversion rates and sales figures.
  • Search Engine Visibility: The strategic content optimisation efforts propelled Little Green Basket’s organic search rankings, driving consistent and targeted traffic.
  • Brand Loyalty and Recognition: The cohesive branding, compelling visuals, and engaging content means that the digital brand is compelling as the offline touch points.


The success of Little Green Basket’s eCommerce journey demonstrates the pivotal role that a strategic digital marketing agency like Little Green Agency can play in shaping and nurturing an online brand’s growth.

By leveraging the Shopify platform and employing a holistic approach encompassing planning, design, theme customisation, and ongoing management, Little Green Agency succeeded in enhancing Little Green Basket’s digital presence, user experience, and business outcomes.

This case study serves as a testament to the potential of collaboration and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and eCommerce.

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