About us

Little Green Agency was created to help SMEs in the Midlands to get to grips with digital marketing and set themselves up for success. The world of digital marketing can feel daunting for many small businesses, including the most seasoned business owners.

We like to keep things simple and recommend the tactics that are most likely to have an impact on your bottom line. We practice what we preach and handle your budget as if it were our own money.

Digital Marketing Services

Our services are extensive varied and range from helping you structure you marketing plan, to supercharging your PPC, or making your social media channel come alive.

We often find it really useful, especially with new clients, to provide audits on their current activity. This might be an audit of your website, your SEO or your PPC. Knowing where you are now gives you firm footing to plan your next move.

The best way for us to find out more about each other would be to get in touch.